Hi-Chew Grape Candy - 10ct

  • $31.99

Indulge in juicy, chewy Japanese candy with bold grape flavor, perfect for sharing and restocking.

Price per pack: $3.20

Product Details

Sweet little drops of grape flavor burst in your mouth when you enjoy Grape Hi-Chew. Japan's most popular chewy candy for more than 30 years is an increasingly beloved treat in North America now too! Hi-Chew is available in bulk lots of the candy's classic tube packages.

Each individual Hi-Chew is a small candy which consists of a white shell surrounding a deliciously-flavored fruity center. These delicious chewy grape candies are perfect for packed lunches and party favors!

Hi-Chew was invented as an alternative to chewing gum, and its delicious flavor and texture certainly fit the bill, while its origin in Japan means it's a more novel choice for candy buffets in many markets. Introduce some variation to your candy consumptions with this chewy delicacy. Wholesale Grape Hi-Chew are perfect for purple-hued displays as well as for any sweet tooth's individual snacking pleasure!

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