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Hint Mints are the original designer mint! When you want gourmet flavor and high class packaging, you can't go wrong with Hint Mints. Each round mint is crafted to offer intense flavor that cools your mouth while the unique tin makes you look cool each time you freshen up.

The tin is curved with a drawer that slides out to reveal a single layer of enticing bite-sized morsels. Along with a luxurious texture and appearance, the Hint Mints tins also feature an elegant design. Graceful flourishes decorate the surface with classic fonts and an antique beige background. Our bulk Hint Mints are available in four fabulous flavors.

Try traditional peppermint or experience the amazing taste of cinnamon, licorice or chocolate mints. Our Hint Mints are a great choice for party or wedding favors. They are delicious for all palates yet offer a presentation that is right at home in high class settings.

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Flavor List

Chocolate, Licorice, Cinnamon, and Peppermint.

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