Hot Chocolate Salt Water Taffy - 2.5lb

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65 pieces per pound (325 total)

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Hot chocolate salt water taffy is the smoothest, most delectable treat for anyone who loves cocoa and chewy confections.Salt water taffy has risen from its modest beginnings in Atlantic City to become one of the world's most famous treats. David Bradley discovered that his coastal candy store had been completely flooded during a terrible storm in 1883. All of his taffy was soaked with salt water.A child stopped by, hoping for a sweet snack. When she asked if he had any taffy, told her he had "salt water taffy" in stock. His casual quip became a world-wide sensation as more customers came in, asking for the new salt water taffy!Today's version is smooth, flavorful and comes in many beautiful colors! Our hot chocolate salt water taffy is sure is just as good as sipping away at a steaming mug of cocoa, only without the risk of an accidental tongue burn!

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65 pieces per pound (325 total)

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