Hypno Pop Assorted Colors - 100ct

Hypno Pop Assorted Colors - 100ct CandyStore.com
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Love these crazy pops? What do you do if you can't decide on just one Hypno Pop lollipop color? Why, you get our enormous lollipop assortment, of course! This convenient package contains a large quantity of colorful swirl lollipops that's convenient for big events like baby showers, birthday parties, picnics, business events and weddings.

Educators can use them as a classroom reward while parents can keep our bulk Hypno Pop assortment on hand so they always have an easy go-to after school snack. This collection includes all our Hypno Pop colors so you can try them all! You get red, orange, blue, green, pink, purple and black - each with a bold white spiral. Seeing these unique lollipops displayed in a glass jar or decorative container is truly mesmerizing!

Create a stunning lollipop bouquet or edible gift with this bulk candy assortment or add small tags and ribbons to create simple DIY wedding favors. There are many ways to make your event more memorable with our unusual Hypno Pop assorted lollipops!

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