Jalapeno Lix Lollipops - 36ct

Jalapeno Lix Lollipops - 36ct CandyStore.com
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Tempt your taste buds with the intense flavor of these sizzling jalapeno Lix lollipops by Hotlix! Hotlix is known for their novelty candies. From hard candy filled with scorpions and crickets to unusual flavors made with real peppers!

Each is made with high quality ingredients and includes a distinctive look that is a great conversation starter at parties and gatherings. Our jalapeno lollipops in bulk is a great choice for events. Find out who has the toughest taste buds by offering these around when friends stop by.

They also make unique party favors for any fun fiesta. Each piece includes a disposable stick with a jalapeno shaped top in dark green. Take a lick and experience actual jalapeno peppers in a lollipop! This is one of the most intense treats you can put in your mouth. Make sure you have a glass of milk nearby because you are going to need it!

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