Big Bizarre Jawbreakers - 2 1/4" - 110ct Basket

Big Bizarre Jawbreakers - 2 1/4" - 110ct Basket
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Even the most pastoral display can benefit from some boldly-colored bulk candy! This Big Bizarre Jawbreakers Basket serves up a bushelful of sweet, long-lasting fun in the vivid colors and classic round shape that make Jawbreakers such an interestingly recognizable candy.

Individually wrapped Jawbreakers sweets make a fun, easy wedding favor or corporate event snack with great nostalgia value. Bright orange, blue, and red balls of sweet, suckable goodness are impossible not to notice! This striking wholesale packaging for wrapped Big Bizarre Jawbreakers makes it even more fun to enjoy this challenging candy, which is appealing to older teens and adults and irresistible to the younger crowd.

When you're creating a carnival theme or adding impulse items to an open-air market, these colorful Jawbreakers are the perfect choice to sweeten the deal. Just pop one in your mouth and enjoy a candy-coated day.

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