Jolly Rancher Sugar Free Candy Bags - 12ct

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Sugar free hard candy Jollay Ranchers!

Price per bag: $3.92

Product Details

Leave it to Jolly Ranchers to provide a delicious, colorful and fun treat that is also good for you. While providing all of the expected value expected from Jolly Rancher, they upped the ante by making their snacks sugar free as well! The classic candy comes individually wrapped to keep in the unique freshness. Each piece of candy provides a classic blast of fruit refreshment without the worry of taking in any extra sugar that will make parents and dentists smile.

This treat can be enjoyed all by yourself or with a bunch of your friends. Jolly Rancher Sugar Free Candy Bags make it always seem like a party. Enjoy the explosion of fruit flavor in your mouth without any of the guilt. Get the best Jolly Rancher hard candy that has your favorite flavor, watermelon, apple, grape or raspberry. Not only are these treats sugar free but each candy contains only 1 calories, which means that you can enjoy your fruity flavored candies all day long.

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