Kiwi Jelly Belly - 10lb

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400 beans per pound

Price per pound: $9.00

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Get in my belly! That's what your taste buds will be shouting the moment you set one of these Kiwi Jelly Belly jelly beans onto your tongue. And who could blame them? These bright green beans are packed with sweet and fruity kiwi flavor plus a delicious chew and hard shell crunch.Are you a veteran jelly bean mixer? Well, why not try popping some of these kiwi jelly beans into your pie hole alongside some strawberry, pineapple or any other fruity flavor you can think of! Get creative with your Jelly Belly recipes or just enjoy some of these gorgeous green beans on their own. Whatever you do, these Jelly Belly Kiwi Jelly Beans will be a hit with everyone you share them with.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K329804

400 beans per pound

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