Lifesavers 5-Flavor Gummi Theater Box - 12ct

Lifesavers 5-Flavor Gummi Theater Box - 12ct
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Have you ever wanted to twist up a Lifesaver hard candy? Now you can with Lifesavers gummies! This delicious treat includes everything you love about classic hard Lifesavers with more chewy goodness.

Each bite includes the familiar round shape with an open center and the Lifesaver logo raised around each side. Every theater box contains your favorite flavors, like green apple, strawberry, blackberry, cherry and watermelon.

Our bulk Lifesavers gummies is the most convenient choice whether you're looking for a long lasting snack, feeding a crowd or trying to spice up the food table at a party.

Open them up and pour them into decorative dishes to serve guests at events or use them to decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes , even your holiday gingerbread houses! Our large Lifesavers theater boxes are a must-have for family movie night. Keep them anywhere you might feel the urge to snack on something sweet, soft and super chewy!

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