Mega Smarties Lollies - 60ct

  • $37.99

The biggest Smarties lollipop! Individually wrapped.

Price per unit: $0.63

Product Details

Get a humungous mouthful of flavor with these Mega Lollies from Smarties! With white sticks and gigantic lollipops, you will keep your taste buds busy for a long time as you suck on the delicious fruity flavors that are super-sized.

Get ready to put up a raffle item everyone will want to bid on with these Mega Lollies. You can stuff them into a lollipop bouquet or pair them with other king size candy to make an incredible item that everyone will admire. You may also bring some of these Mega Lollies home to stuff in stockings and wow your kids with what the "elves" can make in the North Pole or keep them around your home for when someone needs a cheerful treat or a reward for an act of kindness or good grade. The options are enormous!

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