Milky Way King Size Bars - 24ct

Milky Way King Size Bars - 24ct
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3.63 ounces per bar

Price per bar: $3.29

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What's better than a regular Milky Way chocolate bar? Absolutely nothing, except of course, a supersized version! These Milky Way King Size Bars are the same great bars made by Mars only they are really big!

So, whether you are hungry enough to start gnawing at your arm or you have someone you want to share with, these Milky Way King Size Bars give you plenty to go around. Plus, they are already perforated into two pieces, so you can easily break one equally in half to share.

Not only is this convenient; it ensures there are no hard feelings over someone getting a bigger piece! Inside the chocolate exterior shell of these Milky Way King Size Bars is chocolate-malt nougat that is topped with creamy caramel. The taste was inspired by the malted milk drink and that is exactly what it tastes like.

Stash this bulk supply in your pantry to keep on hand for when you get a sugar craving. Of course, you can share them with a friend or hand them out to the kids to share with their friends while they watch a movie, too.

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3.63 ounces per bar

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