Mini Gummy Butterflies Peg Bags 9oz - 6ct

Mini Gummy Butterflies Peg Bags 9oz - 6ct
  • $20.99

9 ounces per bag

Price per unit: $3.50

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Mini butterfly gummies by Albanese are one of the chewiest, tastiest treats you will ever sink your teeth into! For the past three decades, Albanese has been working to improve its candy offerings.

With the company's advancements in gelatin flavor, it's no wonder that their delicious gummy treats have become a fast favorite among candy enthusiasts and casual snackers. Whether you're a serious gummy connoisseur or simply someone who appreciates something sweet, you'll adore the smooth texture and taste of these charming butterfly candies!

Our bulk mini butterfly gummies includes a large package containing several peg bags. Each peg bag is sealed so your candy stays fresh and ready to enjoy. Give them out as a special gift or reward or keep them wherever you're likely to need a sweet treat.

Kids will love the bright colors and playful shape as well as the unique flavors included in every peg bag. Taste blue raspberry, green apple, wild cherry, grape, orange and strawberry in each package of chewy gummy candy!

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9 ounces per bag

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