Mini M&M's Milk Chocolate Baking - 12.5lb Bulk

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Teeny tiny mini M&M's candies!

1600 pieces per pound (20,000 total)

Price per pound: $10.08

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Product Details

When you think of M&M minis, you probably envision the plastic tubes with a single helping of tasty chocolate pieces inside. Well now you can enjoy your favorite take on classic M&M's in any quantity you like. Our bulk miniature M&M's are guaranteed to please!

Order as many packages as you like so you always have them available to add to school lunches or to enjoy as a quick snack while on the go! Mini M&M's are also perfect for birthdays, picnics, reunions and other parties. Just pour some in a candy dish and you have a presentable snack that everyone will love!

Every irresistible disc includes a mouthwatering chocolate center surrounded by a colorful candy shell, just like the bigger version! Mini M&M's make delicious sundae toppings and can be used to decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes or whatever creative dish you're preparing for dessert. Order today and get your favorite M&M's in bulk!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K332750

1600 pieces per pound (20,000 total)

Flavor List

Milk Chocolate only

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