Necco Banana Split Chews - 15lb

Necco Banana Split Chews - 15lb
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Wrapped individually and flavored with the sweetness of bananas and strawberry, richness of hot fudge, and incredible decadence of ice cream, this really is a banana split in one bite! And you won't even need a spoon!

Get ready for a birthday party by stuffing the pinata with some of these Necco Banana Split Chews. Everyone will go crazy once the pinata splits open and reveals a cascading avalanche of these Necco Banana Split Chews. Even wrap some up in goodie bags for party favors, add some to candy dishes around your home, or put some out alongside breakfast or dessert. They're delicious any time of day and will make you smile every time you snack.

Why didn't the banana pass driver's ed? Because he kept peeling out of the parking lot! We love a good knee-slapper as much as we adore our Necco Banana Split Chews.

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