Orange Chocolate Color Drops Candy - 15lb Bulk

Orange Chocolate Color Drops Candy - 15lb Bulk
  • $158.99

Delicious orange-colored candy coated milk chocolate drops perfect for colorful displays and self-serve bins.

500 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $10.60

Product Details

How many Orange Chocolate Gems can someone fit inside their mouth at one time? Shucks, we don't know. But you can order yourself a bulk supply today and figure it out for yourself!

Once you taste these amazing Orange Chocolate Gems you won't be able to stop yourself from cramming these into your mouth all at once. Coated in a hard candy shell and stuffed with melty chocolate, these bright orange treats are sure to please your taste buds time and time again. If you want to stock up for Halloween with a thematic and delicious treat, try some of these Orange Chocolate Gems this year!

SKU: K331001

500 pieces per pound

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