The Original Swedish Fish Asst. 5oz - 12ct

The Original Swedish Fish Asst. 5oz - 12ct
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Swedish Fish are a fat free candy that everyone loves! When you need something chewy to snack on, you know you can count on these soft little fishes. Each piece features a realistic fish shape with tapered head, scale texture and fins.

The classic Swedish Fish comes in red, but our original assortment offers more variety with green, yellow and orange included. You know you're getting an authentic treat when you see the famous "Swedish" brand on each fishy piece!

Bulk Swedish Fish are a great choice for snack time, events and classrooms. Keep them in your car or a desk drawer at work. Kids love eating Swedish Fish as an easy after school snack! They also make a fun addition to stocking stuffers, Easter baskets and party favors.

If you want to get really creative, try decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more with these charming little edible fish! Grow your classic candy collection with our original Swedish Fish assortment.

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