Peaches and Cream Gumballs - 850ct

Peaches and Cream Gumballs - 850ct
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Peaches and cream gumballs are full of irresistible flavor that you can enjoy for far longer. Unlike candy, chewing gum will last so can savor the experience for as long as you like. Our peaches and cream gumballs bring big fruit taste in a convenient package.

Each ball includes smooth, soft gum in the center with a thin candy-like shell along the outside. The surface is deep orange with a bit of red speckling, much like a ripe peach! Take a bite and let your taste buds linger in an orchard full of ripened fruit.

Our bulk peaches and cream gumballs give you a large quantity that's perfect for any occasion. Use them to fill your gumball machine or the candy jar at home or work. The vibrant color and round shape also make these a great choice for decorating cakes, cookies, cupcakes and much more! From party favors to casual sweet cravings, there's nothing our peaches and cream gumballs can't do.

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