Peach Taffy - 3lb

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Enjoy the fresh picked taste of juicy peaches and the smooth, chewy texture of your favorite candy with our peach taffy! Each enticing morsel features a lovely orange-peach color that looks similar to the skin on the ripe fruit it is inspired by.The bite-sized round pieces are perfect for quick snacking while on the go or as an easy treat at home. Take a bite and enjoy the fruit flavor of succulent peaches - it's like a trip to the orchard neatly packaged in its own wrapper!Bulk peach taffy is a convenient choice for special occasions. Use them to make unique wedding favors that match your color scheme or put together a fun treat bag for a birthday party.Our single flavor taffy packs make it easy to build a custom candy mix for your event! Enjoy alone or combine with other bulk taffy flavors. Discover another reason to love classic candy with our delectable peach taffy!

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