Pez Star Wars Assorted - 12ct

Pez Star Wars Assorted - 12ct
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Our Star Wars Pez dispensers will take you on an adventure in outer space! Watch out because you never know if you'll get a light side or dark side character! This collection features classic dispensers made of durable plastic in amazing colors. The container at the bottom is attached to the head of a Star Wars character that doubles as a fun toy!

You can't go wrong with Star Wars Pez packs! Host a Star Wars party and give these treats out as fun favors. Hide them in stockings at Christmas or keep a few for the kids Easter baskets. Need a unique prize or reward for school or family activities? Bring a box and you'll have plenty of Pez to go around! This collection also makes a unique gift for Star Wars collectors. Why settle for just one character when you can have them all with our bulk Pez packs!

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