Psychedelic Lollipops - Small - 48ct

Psychedelic Lollipops - Small - 48ct
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Staring at these Psychedelic Lollipops for an extended period of time may trigger forgotten memories from the 60s and 70s!

If you are planning a party with a 70s, disco, hippy, or peace theme, these lollies are an absolute must to hand out to all your guests. They are certainly not just for adults though. Kids don't have any psychedelic moments to recall, but they sure do appreciate a tasty, long-lasting treat! Of course, it helps when it is super colorful.

These Psychedelic Lollipops have a bumpy-edged pinwheel design made of blue, yellow, red, and green colors. Each pinwheel has a 3. 25-inch diameter, so it lasts a long time. The original flavor is cherry or the pastel version has a tutti-frutti flavor.

Psychedelic Lollipops are cheerful and capable of invoking a smile in anyone. So, give one to a friend having a bad day or make a bouquet with them as a centerpiece for the table. Hand them out to the kids during family movie night and you might not hear a single peep out of them.

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Flavor List

Original (Cherry) or Pastel (Tutti-Frutti).

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