Purple Puffy Poles Marshmallow Twists - 2.2lb

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Gorgeous treats for a candy buffet, Purple Puffy Poles Marshmallow Twists are light as a cloud and beautifully striped with swirls of pale violet and white. The distinctive barber pole pattern of these delicate marshmallow bites makes them resemble vintage stick candy

But the pillow-y fluffiness of wholesale marshmallow twists texture, combined with their creamy flavor, makes them an appealing variation from hard and chewy candies. Especially when included in a dreamy lavender dessert table.

Whether you offer them as sweets for a tea or eat them as a light, sweet snack during your daily routine, marshmallow puffy poles look lovely and taste delicious. Bulk marshmallow candies are also great scattered over a tray to surround your feature dessert with their pastel purple interest! Treat bags also take on a pretty new look with these fluffy, puffy, soft lavender and white marshmallow sticks.

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