Red Cherry Jelly Beans - 2lb Bulk

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Beautiful red jelly beans with cherry flavor!

375 beans per pound (750 total)

Price per pound: $7.00

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Beautiful red jelly beans with cherry flavor! Color coordinate your party with gorgeous bulk jelly beans in a uniform color of red.What's red, shiny, and gummy all over? These amazing Chesapeake Cherry Red Jelly Beans! You'll be seeing red and tasting absolute deliciousness with every bite of these vibrant beans. Bring them to a holiday party to amp up the volume on the dessert table and add a festive color to the mix, make your Fourth of July picnic even more special and delicious with bowl-fulls of these, or even keep them around the house to snack on whenever a sweet tooth strikes. Jelly beans are an all-American favorite because of their medium hard candy shell crunch and soft, gummy interior. You won't be able to stop snacking or chewing with these!

SKU: U351605

375 beans per pound (750 total)

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