Red Milk Chocolate Hearts - 10lb

Red Milk Chocolate Hearts - 10lb
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60 pieces per pound (300 total)

Price per pound: $35.60

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The mere sight of these will have you longing for Valentine's Day. Although these Red Milk Chocolate Hearts are the perfect candy or the year's most romantic day, you certainly don't have to wait until February to enjoy them.

They are popular for weddings, engagement parties, bridal showers, and New Year's Eve parties, too. A lot of love goes into making these mouthwatering Red Chocolate Hearts. The delectable chocolate sauce is poured into molds and left to harden. Then, they are carefully wrapped with shiny red foil.

Since they are all individually wrapped they're appropriate for any candy dish. You can even pour some in small jars, add a pretty ribbon, and hand them out to all your friends who don't have sweetheart to spend Valentine's Day with. Your mom, sister, aunt, and cousin will surely love them, too.

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60 pieces per pound (300 total)

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