Red Velvet Cake Taffy - 2.5lb

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65 pieces per pound (325 total)

Price per pound: $8.00

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Now your favorite fancy dessert can be enjoyed anytime, without baking, in a sweet and chewy candy! Our red velvet cake taffy offers an amazing treat that's sure to pamper your taste buds with the rich flavor of this popular baked treat.

Instead of moist cake, you get bites of smooth, chewy taffy that comes individually wrapped so it stays fresh. Each piece includes a pure white background decorated in a bold red spiral at the center.

Our bulk taffy is a great choice for special occasions and party favors. They are affordable, easy to share and feature gorgeous patterns that will impress your guests and loved ones.

Our red velvet cake taffy looks stunning when used to create beautiful wedding favors. Or you can pour them into a glass dish to serve guests directly during the celebration! Enjoy red velvet cake taffy by itself or combine with any of our other bulk taffy treats.

SKU: U343071

65 pieces per pound (325 total)

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