Reese's Sticks Candy - 20ct

Reese's Sticks Candy - 20ct
  • $44.99

Crispy wafers give a light, satisfying crunch!

1.5 ounce per pack

Price per unit: $2.25

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Crispy wafers give a light, satisfying crunch when you bite into a Reese's Stick, the delicious candy-bar variation on familiar Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! Layered with thin wafer cookies to create the delectable mouthfeel and balance the richness of chocolate and peanut butter.

These Reese's Sticks make a superb candy for Halloween and other festivals, but you can't go wrong just keeping them in the pantry for a rainy day. Reese's candies inspire huge loyalty from lovers of the dynamic duo of peanut butter and chocolate, and Reese's Sticks are no exception. This bulk box of single-serving packages contains enough candy to supply a birthday party or bachelor weekend with the best in peanut butter sweets, plus a lovely crunchiness under your teeth that helps the Reese's Sticks satisfy your candy craving. Who knows Ð you might even find you prefer the Sticks to the Cups!

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1.5 ounce per pack

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