Riverstones Chocolate Rocks Mix - 5lb

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Little riverstone-like chocolate candies!

Price per pound: $7.40

Product Details

Riverstones Kimmie mix is the best way to get a wide variety of Choco Rocks for events, parties or baking. These tasty little morsels are unique from any other candy you have ever eaten.

Each piece contains a solid piece of rich chocolate candy. The outside is blanketed in a solid candy shell. The exterior features realistic texture and earthy colors.

Our Riverstone Choco Rocks mix contains a number of delightful hues. You'll see marble white stones along with vibrant green and burnt orange. Many other natural tones are included to produce an assortment with variety. Even though many colors are used, each piece blends well, adhering to an organic palette.

Use these to decorate construction birthday cakes or ad to bags to give out as a fun party favor. They are even elegant enough to use in your wedding favors! Order our bulk chocolate river stones and enjoy the irresistible taste of candy rocks!

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