Salted Nut Roll Fun Size - 5lb

Salted Nut Roll Fun Size - 5lb
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Do you have a sweet tooth, but you're craving something salty? This is not an easy position for your taste buds to be in. Fortunately for you, these Fun-Size Salted Nut Roll Fun Size bars will satisfy your tongue's split personality.

Sometimes, you just need something other than chocolate, gummies, or gum. You want a snack that will curb your craving, but not make you feel so full you can't move. Salted Nut Roll candies are perfect!

If you recognize the iconic red wrapper and are wondering if they taste as good as their larger siblings, they do! Every roll has crunchy peanuts and full-bodied pecans rolled around a soft, sweet candy center. Since Salted Nut Roll Fun Size candy bars are individually wrapped they're perfect for Halloween, lunch boxes, gift bags, and the emergency candy stash in your desk.

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