Skittles Riddles - 24ct

Skittles Riddles - 24ct
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Skittles Riddles offer a new, exciting take on this classic candy!

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Skittles Riddles offer a new, exciting take on this classic candy. Everyone loves the fun look and delicious taste of fruity Skittles. This confection has been satisfying sweet cravings since they were first introduced in the 1970s.

Today, Skittles rank as the second most popular chewy candy, rivaling only world-renowned Starburst! Our Skittles Riddles offer the same chewy, smooth texture and candy shell but with a unique twist! Each bag of Skittles Riddles is filled with colorful round pieces. The difference between this candy and the original kind is flavor!

Each package contains a sweet assortment of cherry, watermelon, punch, apple and raspberry. The flavors are mixed up so you can't tell which you are about to eat based on the color of the piece! Try to guess which flavor you're about to eat and surprise your taste buds. Our bulk Skittles Riddles is a great choice for birthday parties, picnics, holidays and other events!

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