Slithering Snake Suckers - 12ct

Slithering Snake Suckers - 12ct
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Slithering Snack Suckers are the most unusual lollipop you will ever eat. Traditional lollies usually feature a round disc of candy attached to a disposable stick.

Our snake lollipops offer a new experience that's packed with just as much delicious flavor! Each piece is shaped into a long, wiggling snake! You'll see the tapered head, sleek body and narrow tail, but don't worry because these snakes won't bite!

Each arrives individually packaged and features vibrant colors. Go for a classic green snake or try a reptile in yellow or red. They're made of solid hard candy so they last longer, giving you more confection in every lollipop!

Our bulk Slithering Snake Suckers pack includes an assortment of flavors like strawberry, orange, grape and apple. Make treat bags more exciting for the kids or use them as prizes at picnics, community events and school activities! Everyone will have a great time eating these original snake lollipops!

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