Sour Gummy Straws Green Apple - 15lb

Sour Gummy Straws Green Apple - 15lb
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If you love sour candy there is a good chance that sour apple is included in your list of top five favorite flavors. After all, what could be better than candy that actually tastes like an apple so tart that it forces your lips to pucker?

These Sour Gummy Straws Green Apple flavor are candies your mouth will crave. Manufactured by Sour Punch, the name alone tells you that you are in store for a burst of flavor that will literally taste like a right hook to your taste buds.

Sour Gummy Straws Green Apple candies make the ideal snack anytime and anywhere. Considering this generous bulk supply is a whopping 15 pounds, you will definitely want to share them.

These are ideal for St. Patrick's Day and Christmas, and of course, kids won't be able to get enough of them when they are included in gift bags. If you still feel that candy is not candy without chocolate, it is definitely time to retrain your brain. These are sure to make your list of favorite candies!

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