Sour Rainbow Belts Tub - 9ct

Sour Rainbow Belts Tub - 9ct
  • $36.99

11 ounces per tub

Price per unit: $4.11

Product Details

Nine tubs of colorful, chewy and so delicious sour rainbow belts are a fun treat that's sweet with a bit of bite! If you love the sour-sweet combination of sour patch kids and similar gummy candies, then you need to try this long confection.

Each piece is shaped to form a generous ribbon that's thin but wide. The entire length is covered in vibrant stripes that feature brilliant yellow, green, blue, red and orange. Our bulk sour rainbow belts tub gives you larger quantities that are great for daily snacking or events. Make your party food more exciting by adding a bowl of these tasty rainbows.

Save them for the kids to enjoy as an after school snack or cut them down or twist them to decorate cakes, cupcakes or cookies. Each chewy rainbow gummy is covered in a sour sugar coating that makes every bite an intense experience with a touch of sweetness!

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11 ounces per tub

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