Starburst Gummibursts Peg Bags - 12ct

Starburst Gummibursts Peg Bags - 12ct
  • $35.99

Move over original Starburst, here come Starburst GummiBursts!

6 ounces per bag

Price per bag: $3.00

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Move over original Starburst because here come Starburst GummiBursts! This delicious snack takes your favorite candy and makes it more exciting!

Each piece includes a round disc of gummy goodness that surrounds a liquid filed center. You get a mouthful of soft gummy candy followed by an unexpected burst of liquid fruit flavor in every bite! Our bulk Starburst GummiBurst are a must-have for candy lovers. Keep them at home so you never run out of your favorite sweet snack.

Starburst GummiBurst packs are also a great way to fill up birthday party favors. Use them in this year's Easter baskets, hand them out as Halloween candy or add them to your stocking stuffer list this Christmas. Kids and adults alike will adore the juicy taste of Starburst combined with a unique liquid filling. Get your daily burst of fruity flavors by opening up a bag of Starburst GummiBurst candy!

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6 ounces per bag

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