Sugar Free Cinnamon Buttons - 15lb

Sugar Free Cinnamon Buttons - 15lb
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Bright red, hot and delicious. Those are just a few words to sum up these spicy Sugar Free Cinnamon Buttons. With their vibrant red color, sugar free status and hard candy crunch, they're a great candy staple for every candy fan.

Get ready for the holidays by bringing some of these Sugar Free Cinnamon Buttons home today. Not only will they look great in candy dishes for a festive pop of color, but they also will make a great addition to gingerbread houses, hot chocolate, stockings or the dessert table. These Sugar Free Cinnamon Buttons come individually wrapped, so whether you crush them to add to the tops of Christmas cookies or enjoy them whole, one by one, they're a great little treat to have around during the holiday season.

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