Sugar Free Fudgie Roll Chews GoLightly - 5lb

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Smooth and delicious and sugar free, fudgie rolls are amazing!

Price per pound: $26.40

Product Details

GoLightly sugar free Fudgie Rolls are the perfect alternative to other chocolate candies. There's something irresistible about the smooth, rich taste of classic milk chocolate.

If you are trying to eat better but hate to give up your favorite confection, GoLightly has your back! Now you can continue snacking on that amazing chocolate taste while sticking to a healthier diet.

Each GoLightly Fudgie Roll arrives individually wrapped so it stays fresh and ready to eat. Individually wrapped candies are also convenient for events, party favors or when sharing with coworkers. Use them to fill the office candy jar or keep them in the kitchen so the kids have a healthier after school snack.

You'll know you're getting quality when you see the dark blue GoLightly label with fun red and white striped edges. Save time and money by ordering your GoLightly sugar free Fudgie Rolls in bulk quantities from CandyStore. com!

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