Sugar Free Lollipops - 5lb

Sugar Free Lollipops - 5lb
  • $41.99

375 unit per lollipops

Price per pound: $8.40

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Sugar free lollipops are a convenient way to keep sugary cravings at bay! It's not easy to eat better. Sugar can cause cavities and other unpleasant health problems. Our lollipops allow you to control your sugar intake without sacrificing your favorite treats.

Each sucker features a popular fruit flavor. Choose from juicy grape, strawberry, cherry, lemon or orange! Our sugar free lollipops are individually wrapped so they stay fresh and clean until its' time to enjoy them. Give them out as a healthier alternative during the holidays or let children satisfy their sweet tooth without all the sugary intake.

Our bulk sugar free lollipops feature quality hard candy attached to a disposable stick. Whether you pour them into a bowl, prop them up in a vase or hand them out in a treat bag, everyone will love the fruit flavor and sugar free benefits. Each bulk sugar free lollipop package contains many individual servings so you have to replenish your supply less often!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: N66025

375 unit per lollipops


Sweetener: Splenda

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