Sugar Free Vanilla Caramel Chews Peg Bags - 12ct

Sugar Free Vanilla Caramel Chews Peg Bags - 12ct
  • $35.99

2.75 ounces per bag

Price per unit: $3.00

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If you love sweet treats but want to cut back on the sugars, try GoLightly sugar free vanilla caramel chews! This delectable confection offers a rich blend of creamy vanilla and smooth caramel in a bite-sized chewy snack.

Splenda is used to create that amazing GoLightly taste so your favorite flavors stay sugar free and gluten free! It's the ultimate choice for candy lovers with unique dietary needs. Make sure you never run out of GoLightly sugar free vanilla caramel chews by purchasing yours in bulk right here! We offer a great price on large quantities so you always have something to curb cravings.

Our bulk GoLightly chews are also a convenient choice for sharing and events. Give them to the kids to improve their daily diet or share with coworkers at the office. Everyone will love the irresistible vanilla and caramel blend even more when they find out each GoLightly chew is sugar and gluten free!

SKU: U333151

2.75 ounces per bag

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