Tequila Worm Pops - 36ct

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Yes, it's a real worm!

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Whether you are looking for more adult-like candies for your Halloween party or you want to hand out a candy at work to everyone that will have people talking for weeks, you need Tequila Worm Pops.

Folks may not be in such a hurry to see how many licks it takes to get to the center of this lolli once they see the worm inside. Yes, it's a real worm! Fortunately, the sucker is about 2 inches long, so you have a lot of licks to mentally prepare or decide if you can actually go through with eating the creature within. Suspenseful candy!

These Tequila Worm Pops are manufactured by Hotlix, an edible insect candy creator that has been making folks squeal and squirm with delight and fear for more than 25 years. They are always a hit at kids' parties, or you can serve them in margaritas at your next pool party. They taste like tequila, but they are alcohol-free. They are also sugar-free and made in the USA.

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