Tropical Taffy Assorted - 3lb

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72 pieces per pound (216 total)

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If you love tropical candy but hate choosing just one fruit flavor, then you'll enjoy our amazing tropical taffy assortment! This collection brings together all your favorite exotic flavors into one convenient mix.Take your taste buds on a tropical vacation with a blend of juicy fruit taste and smooth, chewy taffy confection. Pick a few or enjoy them all! Our tropical taffy assortment includes a handful of delicious flavors, each featuring a different color scheme and pattern. You'll see brilliant orange, red, yellow and green as well as simpler tones like dark brown and white.The palette looks stunning when poured into a candy dish or jar. Our bulk tropical taffy assortment is wonderful for parties, picnics and luaus! Offer to guests on the dessert table or use them to fill treat bags, shower favors or wedding favors. No matter what the occasion may be, everyone will love the invigorating taste of citrus fruit!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K330922

72 pieces per pound (216 total)

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