Jelly Twists Strawberry Cream - 4.4lb

Jelly Twists Strawberry Cream - 4.4lb
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Crazy, colorful candy like our Jelly Twists are a must-have for parties, showers, weddings and bachelorette parties! This fabulous confection doesn't just taste amazing, it also looks unique so you get the best presentation whether you serve them in glass candy dishes on a food table or pour them in the candy jar at home.

Our Jelly Twists strawberry cream candies feature a delightful fruit flavor with just a touch of creamy sweetness. Each piece is shaped like a classic gumdrop, with a flat bottom and dome shaped top. What makes these gummy candies so eye-catching is the bold red swirl that runs across each white morsel. The effect is mesmerizing and adds excitement to every bit!

Get creative and use our bulk Jelly Twists strawberry cream gummies to decorate cakes, cookies cupcakes and more. You can't go wrong when you serve up the creamy, fruity flavor of our swirled Jelly Twist gummies!

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