Yellow & White Hypno Pops Lollipops - 100ct

Yellow & White Hypno Pops Lollipops - 100ct
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Bright, cheerful and full of super sweet flavor, our yellow and white Hypno Pops are the ultimate candy for the adventurous. If you find plain lollipops boring, then you need to see this unusual confection. Our Hypno Pops put a new twist on a classic candy that is loved across the world.

While most lollies prefer a smooth, perfect circle shape, our Hypno Pops choose a more mesmerizing uneven profile. Along with an irregular shape, our yellow Hypno Pops also include a band of white that's uneven. The contrast between white and bright yellow is gorgeous and works well with any event that features a yellow color scheme.

Bulk Hypno Pops are a great choice for birthday parties, picnics or weddings. Add a matching ribbon and tag to give as a baby shower favor or wedding favor. Guests will remember the unique lollipops you gave them long after the festivities have ended!

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