Yummy Gummy Worms - 5lb

Yummy Gummy Worms - 5lb CandyStore.com
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Do you contemplate starting a career that allows you to work at home, just so you can walk around with gummy worms hanging out of your mouth all day? Oh, you're not quite that bad yet? That will surely change when you get your hands on this bulk supply of Yummy Gummy Worms. It does not matter if you prefer to bite all the heads off, stretch them until they're transparent, tie them in knots, or create a long rope out of them; they taste equally delicious.

This supply of Yummy Gummy Worms is great for the gummy addict. Each worm is fruity and colorful. These green, orange, red, and yellow worms are guaranteed to be a hit at a kid's party. You can freeze them in ice cubes for adult parties or use them as decoration on cupcakes. Of course, you can just put some in a Tupperware container to snack on throughout the day, too!

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