Zypperz Zipper Ring Pops - 12ct

Zypperz Zipper Ring Pops - 12ct CandyStore.com
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Zypperz zipper ring pops make your favorite candy even more convenient! This unique confection is like a lollipop but with more style. Each includes a ring pop shaped shell.

The solid container includes a loop for your finger with a large diamond shaped ÒgemÓ that's hollow from top to bottom. A lollipop is hidden inside, complete with attached stick. How do you get a lollipop with a stick inside a Zypperz ring pop? Why with zippers, of course!

Each lolly stick includes an end that splits apart with the teeth of a zipper. Pull it out to enjoy then zipper it back into place so you can close the case and save the rest for later! Our bulk Zypperz zipper ring pops include individually packaged rings that are convenient for events and more. Give them out as prizes to kids at school activities or the family reunion or use them to fill treat bags for a birthday party!

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