Airheads Xtremes Sour Belts Rainbow Berry - 18ct

Airheads Xtremes Sour Belts Rainbow Berry - 18ct
  • $41.99

Chewy candy favorite with a sour sugar coating in a variety of fruity blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry flavors.

15 belts per pack

Price per pack: $2.33

Product Details

The rainbow of colorful stripes on each Airheads Xtremes Sour Belts candy make these ribbon-shaped, gummi-textured sour sweets perfect for multicolored candy buffets, summertime treat bags, and even clever cake decorating!

Produced in long strips of colorful candy then dusted with a distinctive sour sugar, these confections make a delicious treat for after lunch and come in packages of multiple strips for satisfying snacking or easy sharing. Brightly-colored wholesale Airheads Xtremes Sour Belts can be eaten in their intended form as a ribbon of chewy sweet-and-sour flavor, or cut into rainbow-colored slivers for cookie decorating with candies that kids already enjoy.

These delicious sours vary in both flavor and shape from many traditional treat-bag selections, making them perfect for ensuring that everyones sweet tooth is appeased.

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15 belts per pack

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