Your ultimate guide to candy trivia and facts!

Vodka Gummy Bears Recipe

Discover the art of making perfect vodka gummy bears! From choosing the right soaking container to ensuring optimal flavor, our guide covers all you need. Dive into this party favorite!

Why Do Navy SEALs Eat Gummy Bears?

Ever wondered why Navy SEALs eat gummy bears? Dive into the surprising connection between elite training and these sweet treats.

When Were Gummy Bears Invented?

Explore the sweet past when gummy bears were invented. Journey through time to discover the birthday, creator and evolution of this popular gummy candy.

How to Make Gummy Bears

Discover the step-by-step process of making homemade gummy bears. Dive into ingredient choices, flavor variations, and molding techniques in this comprehensive guide.

What Gummy Bears Are Made Of

Discover exactly what gummy bears are made of. Get a detailed look into the ingredients behind these popular treats from gelatin to flavors in our comprehensive breakdown.

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