Almond Buttercrunch Milk Chocolate - 6lb

Almond Buttercrunch Milk Chocolate - 6lb
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Asher's® classic old-fashioned buttercrunch with a toffee center, drenched in creamy milk chocolate and sprinkled with crunchy almond pieces.

Price per pound: $21.67

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Product Details

Almond buttercrunch milk chocolate bars are a nutty, savory treat that will satisfy your sweetest cravings. Each piece includes three distinct layers.

The center includes a delectable bar of buttercrunch toffee followed by a smooth layer of milk chocolate. The outside is covered in a generous layer of chopped almonds. Every bite gives you a bit of all three so you get the ultimate snacking experience!

Almond buttercrunch candy is an excellent treat to serve loved ones and guests. Put them on a plate, tray or in a dish to offer visitors when they stop by. Set them out for party guests during special occasions.

Any event will be even sweeter with these crunchy candies! From Christmas and Easter to birthday parties and more, almond buttercrunch milk chocolate candy will be a big hit! Serve alone or combine with one of our other chocolate candies to create a custom selection just for your event.

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