Now & Later Chewy Bars Assorted - 24ct

  • $52.99

Chewy Now & Laters candy in apple, cherry and grape!

2.75 ounces per bar

Price per unit: $2.21

Product Details

Now & Later Soft bars feature the same square shape as the original candy but with a chewier texture that is easier on teeth. Each individually wrapped bar contains an assortment of strawberry, banana and watermelon fruit flavors. Unwrap and enjoy a softer Now & Later that's just as sweet and tasty!

For years candy lovers have enjoyed the tougher texture and fruity taste of Now & Laters. Our soft version also makes a delicious snack that won't work your jaw quite as hard. Kids will love the sweet flavor and chewy taffy texture. Grab a few bars to enjoy while on the road or keep them in your purse, glove box or anywhere you might feel the need to eat. Now & Later soft bars also make a unique Halloween candy! They fit perfectly inside Christmas stockings and will add a splash of color to gift baskets featuring food. Our bulk Now & Laters make it easy to get all the bars you need for sharing, giving and snacking!

SKU: R319482

2.75 ounces per bar

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