Big Cherry Dark Chocolate Bars - 24ct

  • $33.99

Dark chocolate Big Cherry candy bars have a real cherry inside! And cherry cream filling, and chopped peanuts. Yum!

Price per bar: $1.42

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Product Details

Big Cherry dark chocolate bars combine a delectable blend of ingredients to give you the juiciest, sweetest and richest snacking experience imaginable! This irresistible snack starts with a plump red cherry.

The outside is smothered in a creamy cherry filling that adds a touch of pink. The outside is covered in a blanket of bold dark chocolate. Each Big Cherry candy bar is round and arrives individually wrapped so it stays fresh until you are ready to eat. Our bulk Big Cherry dark chocolate box gives you many full size candy bars that are wonderful for everyday snacking or events.

Add a few personal touches and give out as wedding favors or hide in gourmet gift baskets with other confections. Big Cherry bars are also a great choice for birthday parties, anniversaries, holidays and business events. Friends, family or customers will love the amazing taste of chocolate and cream with a hint of ripe cherry!

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