Big League Chew - 12ct

Big League Chew - 12ct
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Unique shredded strips of bubble gum just like the Big Leagues!

Price per pack: $1.92

Product Details

Big League Chew bubblegum offers big flavor in a unique confection. This famous bubblegum brand is known for its unique shredded shape. Big League Chew was originally created to offer a healthier alternative to chewing tobacco in the 1970s.

It was created by pitcher Rob Nelson who played for the Portland Mavericks. Baseball players frequently chewed tobacco at the time, which is why Big League Chew was shaped to recreate a similar experience but without the unhealthy side effects! Today, kids and adults love to reach for a pinch of Big League Chew!

Each bite is packed with soft, flexible lengths of classic bubble gum. More flavors are available, like our Swinging Sour Apple! Each bulk Big League Chew pack contains many individual packages that are sealed for freshness. Include them in party favors, use them as stocking stuffers or save them for anytime your craving fruit flavor with a touch of sour tang!

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Flavor List

Original, Grape or Watermleon.

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