Black & White Hypno Pops Lollipops - 100ct

Black & White Hypno Pops Lollipops - 100ct
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Dark and beautiful, our black and white Hypno Pop lollipops are one of the most eye-catching and unusual candies you can serve! These crazy swirl lollipops create a fun vibe and are great to look at and eat.

While those lollies are beautiful, our black and white lollipops offer a look that will really stand out no matter where or what you are celebrating. A disposable stick supports a disc of hard candy with an irregular round shape. This effect is mimicked throughout the white spiral pattern that winds from the center out across the lollipop.

The stark contrast of black and white is intense and a great way to enhance the look of dessert tables or a party room. Display these delicious lollipops upright in a glass jar or use them to create amazing DIY wedding favors. Black and white lollipops match almost any color scheme or can be served up with any of our other Hypno Pops lollipop colors.

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