Black Gumballs Grape Flavored - 850ct

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Stunning black gumballs!

60 pieces per pound

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When you think of classic gumballs, you probably envision many brightly colored orbs in reds, blue, yellow and green. While those colors are nice, they don't always offer the look or tone you want for an event or gathering.

That's why we offer stunning black gumballs! Each piece is just like the traditional bubble gum you know and love, with a smooth, soft texture and sweet taste. Instead of a brightly colored shell, these beauties are covered in deep, mysterious black!

Bulk black gumballs are a great choice for events and situations that require more style and elegance. Use them to make unique wedding favors or pour into jars to serve guests at an Over the Hill birthday party! You can use black gumballs alone or combine with any of our other gumballs or single color candies to create a custom palette just for your dessert table or candy buffet.

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60 pieces per pound

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